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Orange County Realtor based in Huntington Beach, Ca. This is a no pressure zone, we know your journey has already been a very long one. The process of finding a home can sometimes take unexpected turns and let’s be honest, it is a lot of work. Even more so if you have children and a busy work schedule. So let us take the time to let you know, we are here to meet every single one of your needs as a Real Estate team. Here you will be treated like family.

What do we offer?


We want to service every need you have not just one. At the end of the transaction, on a 5 star scale you want to give us a 6!

We are Professionals!

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Licensed Realtor BRE#01911478, Certified Property Manager and we guarantee your satisfaction!

Here’s what happens next, You reach out! and we get started servicing your needs today!

Tired of searching?

Allow us to do all the leg work, make the game plan for you and you can rest assured we will find you only the best. Besides, the fun doesn’t really start until you go and view your future home right? So log off that computer, come down and see us, and let’s view some property, use our extensive knowledge as a Realtor in Huntington Beach and surrounding Orange County areas!

Personalized Customer Service

Be honest, you have spent hours upon hours already searching for your dream home haven’t you? Online, they all look alike after a while don’t they? Why don’t we have a conversation, you tell us every single one of your needs and on YOUR timeline, we will find you exactly what you are looking for!


To be fair, it is the digital age, so there are many that don’t mind and even enjoy automation. In some regard it does help, however we are all about customized service. So the amount of buttons, forms and search tools will be limited on this site. We plan on getting to know YOU. A good handshake and a smile goes much further than a search bot!

We always answer and we are always willing to help (714) 675-9378

If you have any real estate needs, please reach out. We would love the opportunity to WOW you with our personalized service!